L'Alumnus Wael Abdel Moati vincitore del Petroleum Economist Future Leader Award 2019

Nov 27, 2019

"So grateful to my Polito professors! So Proud to be a “Polito Graduate” ! 🔝
Queste le parole di Wael Abdel Moati, #alumnus #polito 👨‍🎓 e
vincitore del Petroleum Economist Future Leader Award 2019 🏆
che aggiunge:
"Study at Politenico was my 1st international experience where I joined the Msc Petroleum Engineering Program (2008-2010) with other classmates from many countries. Definitely, academic life at Politenico shaped my career path and empowered me with the potential to learn, search, deepen, analyze and conclude which constitutes the roots of my current professional success as an analyst and expert in oil & gas field. Today, I share with you one of my career key achievements as the winner of the Global Petroleum Economist Future Leader award 2019 in London! It’s a great recognition by the international community of my work as a gas expert at the organization of Arab petroleum Exporting Countries “OAPEC”.
Congratulazioni da tutta la Community degli #Alumni #Polito 🎉🎉
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